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This occurs because G3 is the final year grade (issued at the 3rd period), while G1 and G2 correspond to the 1st and 2nd period grades.It is more difficult to predict G3 without G2 and G1, but such prediction is much more useful (see paper source for more details).Officials say last Friday they charged 38 year old Ronald Boecke with two felony counts of failure to register an email and/or internet address. He was charged at the Delaware County Jail where he was being held on a probation violation.Boecke was convicted of rape in Otsego County Court in April of last year and sentenced to six months in prison and ten years on probation.That car is believed to have been operated by Simpson, and is in police custody, but finding out where it was and if it was involved in suspicious activity could assist police in both investigations. Source: Paulo Cortez, University of Minho, Guimarães, Portugal, Data Set Information: This data approach student achievement in secondary education of two Portuguese schools.

administrative or police), 'at_home' or 'other') 10 Fjob - father's job (nominal: 'teacher', 'health' care related, civil 'services' (e.g.The data attributes include student grades, demographic, social and school related features) and it was collected by using school reports and questionnaires.Two datasets are provided regarding the performance in two distinct subjects: Mathematics (mat) and Portuguese language (por).Please telephone the pharmacy to confirm a member of staff is available to help.Download the Pharmacy List to find a Pharmacy near you.

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