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When you see a major shirtless scene coming up, do you get nervous and start working out more? I mean, to be honest, it’s really hard to stick to being really lean. We were wearing, like, clown shoes and had two left feet.

It’s not natural for a lot of people’s bodies to be as lean as we [are] on television. We were just smacking the hell out of that ball and falling all over the place—worked up a good sweat.

Unfortunately, some people engage with her, which only encourages her more.

Tahmoh has never engaged with her, but has been kept informed of her comments and is also now aware of her increasingly delusional and malicious statements.

Among his early acting work were stints on assorted Canadian TV series such as Cold Squad.

He also appeared on the TV show Smallville, in the episode "Resurrection" in Season 3 as Vince Davis, and in the Season 6 episodes "Nemesis" and "Prototype" as Sgt. which starred Battlestar Galactica co-star Nicki Clyne in a related storyline.

She continues to change Twitter handles after being blocked by Tahmoh and reported to Twitter.

The role was not based on a character in the original series, and was meant to be confined only to the miniseries; in the miniseries Helo is shown giving up a spot on a spaceship fleeing the doomed planet of Caprica, with the implication that he was left to die.

Tahmoh Penikett: I think the number-one thing is you have to eat well.

I try to eat five or six meals a day, but they’re smaller meals. But I do one of my passions, Muay Thai kickboxing, it’s really, really difficult to do unless you’re doing it somewhat diligently. I’m definitely not gonna brag, but I’ve been doing it off and on for years. When I can’t do that, when I have shorter amount of time, I get to the gym and I enjoy throwing around some weights.

I try to squeeze in some interval training, or HIT—high-intensity training.

It’s on a bike, on stairs; it’s basically going between 100 percent of maximum effort to 50 percent of maximum effort.

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