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I’ll be hosting, I’ll be dating, I’ll be ringing a gong.

I’m so excited to be visiting Chicago, a city near and dear to my heart because it’s where I got started in radio. The more successful the Chicago event is, the more likely we are to expand.

Census Bureau, there are 13.7 million single parents in the U. As a single girl who dates more than she cares to admit, I am surprised that I have never gone on a date with a man who has a child.

Super Dad was so patient, kind, and attentive to his two little girls, and you could tell by the sparkle in their eyes that they adored him just as much as he adored them.

My daughter and I were out last night when a very cute young woman from our neighborhood passed us, saying, "It's the cool single-mommy-daughter duo! My daughter, who is nine, was looking fabulous as usual, in her powder-blue Jonas Brothers T-shirt that has a photograph that somehow manages to make the Jonases look punk rock. That night, I was wearing my typical single-mommy uniform, meaning something I can throw on and still manage to look sexy enough in to attract the incidental man who might turn up in the grocery store: my skinniest jeans, a Black Keys tee (love that band), a belt with a carved silver buckle I bought on a reporting trip to Austin, and strappy black heels. One of the perks and challenges of single motherhood: You're still "out there."I decided I liked how we looked. We have dinner with friends at all the local joints. I'm a single mom, and that means I should be miserable, sitting at home alone, wrapped in a Snuggie and drinking PMS tea, seeking solace on a psychic hotline, right? Instead, I find myself having the best time of my life. With or without a man, motherhood can be its own reward and is just what I've always wanted."But doesn't your child need a father? And my daughter, Zazie, has some wonderful uncles and grown-up male friends who provide her with examples of good men and let her know how much she is loved. When we divorced five years later, I still hoped I'd find someone to settle down with.

She was wearing leggings and Keds, a zebra-print scarf tied once around her neck, and a pair of sunglasses with two green frogs perched above the lenses. But what I like even more about us is how we are in our little family of two (plus 90-pound dog). But as I got to be 33, 34, 35 (ticktock, ticktock), I started considering having a baby on my own.

I've been surprised to find out all the things I can do as a woman raising a child on my own. It pinches sometimes, but I've become very good at saving.

(I didn't used to be.) I've even learned how to do some of the "man stuff": I've put together a crib, a miniature Vespa scooter (so many pieces! For the first few years, I had a nanny and I went into some serious debt, but I hustled my way out of it — the single-mom hustle, I call it.

It feels as if they will never be able to share their life with someone new because their child or children may not or ever approve of a new “parent figure”. They’re small in body but have broad minds and they feel intensely.

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The night before my daughter started her freshman year at a new high school where she knew no one, I stared at the ceiling and made a few wishes. But after that first day of school, my 15-year-old came home in tears….

He called me Monday and asked if I had plans later that night.

Are you a single parent in the US looking to find a loving partner?

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