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“For example, many Chinese still consider ‘dating’ a much greater commitment than their US counterpart. They were married 99 days after their first date, and just had their first baby.Going out with more than one person is not socially acceptable for many.” Does it work?

We know it’s important to find a like-minded partner, very often with a shared background or cultural heritage, who is compatible with the values and personality traits that make you .

It also has an algorithm that weeds out "Asianphiles" and accounts for Chinese cultural values such as date of immigration and highest level of education.

Zhao came to the United States from China for graduate school in Electrical Engineering at the University of California San Diego.

That's a big difference, and perhaps indicates that people take out their dating woes on the apps they use.

But regardless, there were stark differences between popular apps like Tinder, Ok Cupid, Bumble, and Hinge.

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Despite a large social circle, she and her friends found it difficult to meet compatible men because of language and cultural barriers. “Although these sites do provide a large pool of candidates, many of them are not of similar background, since most Chinese are not on these sites," said Zhao.

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