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The couple got broke up in march 2010 because of Kazunari’s playboy nature. Some of her popular movies are From Up on P(2oppy Hill (2011), Our Little Sister (2015) and Crying Out Love in the Center of the World (2004). Kazunari Ninomiya is a 33 year old Japanese Actor born on 17th June, 1983 in Tokyo, Japan. Masami & Kazunari met on set of drama, “Yasashii Jikan” playing lovers in 2005 and are rumored to have started dating.From onlookers POV, they could easily passed as a couple, but there are also those who assumed that they are ‘just friends’; however, they sometimes meet at midnight accompanied by the manager, so they must be in some kind of a relationship.”Furthermore, there are rumors that this girl was the reason Nino broke-up with Sasaki, or that he was still dating Sasaki when he started dating this girl.According to a close friend of Nino’s mother, his mother hopes that if he marries, it won’t be someone from the entertainment industry.Right now, there are no plans for marriage, but Nagasawa faintly touches the topic, and comments “I think marriage might really be about timing. What’s kind of funny is that she was in “Proposal Daisakusen” which was all about marriage and timing.Maybe I’ll get married tomorrow…I doubt it though ^_^. They’ve kept it a secret for so long, and now that they’ve said it, they’ve become the hottest and most famous couple around! singer/actor Kazunari Ninomiya (嵐, 24) and actress Masami Nagasawa (20) are going out!

It is unknown if Ninomiya Kazunari has a girlfriend. But for over 6 years now, he has been romanticly linked to Nagasawa Masami.

The two met and started going out in 2005 when they worked on the show “Yasashii Jikan” (A Kind Time -「優しい時間」) by Fuji TV.

Since both are really busy as Nagasawa is a well-loved and renown actress and Ninomiya is a world-class actor/singer, only recently did they stabilize their relationship environment and move to a new house where the two can live happily together.

She has supposedly gotten close to actor Omori Nao, currently in the Taiga drama Ryoma Den.

They were spotted eating together twice in one week.

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