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wonder how u ppl feel xxx well im married to a pakistani man... Would be interesting to read your experiences xx well my experience is all abt living with inlaws... ) it is not any different from what my friends who are married to Western men complain about.

) it is just soo relaxed out there, always sunny, you can live the life of a millionair eventhough we are just ur average joe (and jolene) beautiful country! never cooked/cleaned/washed not that im proud of it but who doesnt like comfort? I must say that although culturally we are different, I am fortunate on the family that I married into and also the husband I have. We both have learned what are our differences and made the most of the simmiliarities and although sometimes we disagree and we can get on each other's nerves (and have had very tough times!

hes different around his parents n when we're alone...lifes just weird... And as long as your marriage was not arranged and you have had a chance to get to know each other (well as much as you get to know someone until you actually live together 24/7!!The new relationship site is different to other sites in that it also allows for inclusion of churches and church leaders, within personal profiles to enable parents involved in arranged marriages to investigate the background of potential suitors.It can be a worry for parents finding the best candidate for a son or daughter.But unlike other dating and matrimonial sites like Shaadi.com, Shaadi4Christians will also give parents their own access to the site through a separate user account.Through the website, parents can check to make sure that the Christian suitors, especially those in the West, are actually Christians, involved in the church and live a cultural lifestyle that is similar to their own.

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