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The other strength of this measure is that it recognizes the risk associated with future cash flow - it's less certain Cons - Does not give visibility into how long a project will take to generate a positive NPV due to the calculations simplicity.

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They believe they have the right to do what ever it takes to get short term gratification without suffering any consequences.” ~Lynne Namka ✦ High maintenance because they need your attention, praise, and deference ✦ Fake sweetness, honor, and good intentions, but deprive them of something they want and look out as they reveal their true selves.

✦ Express grand, exciting plans, but rarely can make them happen ✦ Blame others rather than take personal responsibility ✦ Lack of empathy colors everything they do. ” when you meet, but they are not interested ✦ Their blame-shifting creates defensiveness.

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