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Hearing this album -- which contained not a word about where or when the music on it was recorded -- one would have been struck by just how raw and lively the music was, more exciting, in fact, than the music on his last pre-Army LP release, the King Creole soundtrack.As they had with For LP Fans Only, RCA had assembled a "new" Elvis Presley album by reaching back to five of the best of his best Sun Records sides, augmented with a few songs left over from the Love Me Tender and Jailhouse Rock soundtrack EPs.But listening to it decades after its release, one is still hard-put to find too many albums that are more viscerally exciting.

It really is early days but they get on so well.'One of Tom's friends also waded in, adding: 'Tom has had a difficult year with Linda's death and Priscilla has been an amazing support.'Earlier this week, the Burning Down The House singer addressed the gossip but in a less-direct way, simply admitting that Elvis wouldn't have liked their newfound connection.The 1954-1955 recordings of "Milkcow Blues Boogie," "Good Rockin' Tonight," "Baby Let's Play House," etc., with their lean textures, frantic sound, and Scotty Moore's slashing lead guitar, were a far cry from anything heard on King Creole.It was the height of irony that the two "new" Elvis albums of 1959 gave national audiences their first real chance to plunge into the sound of the "old" Elvis of 1954-1955, when he was known as "The Memphis Flash" and "The Hillbilly Cat." A few years later, during the mid- to late '60s, when some listeners started getting serious about Elvis' music, and others, born too late to have been buying the records in 1956, started discovering his work for the first time, the word got out about A Date with Elvis and For LP Fans Only -- that these were the real article, at least as worthwhile as the first two RCA albums and the easiest way to get the King's early Memphis sides.Because he loved ballads, as well as rock and roll, he loved Gospel, he loved pop.And we would sit in the suite and talk about music and we would sing.

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He said to me, ‘How the hell do you sing like that? “He asked me: ‘Do all people sing like that in Wales?

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