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“The Board of Trustees, the staff, the Friends of Watkins Library and the volunteers have all been extraordinary -- inspiring, dedicated, thoughtful and supportive as we’ve gone through so many changes in the library and in the world beyond,” she said.

A reception to thank Eisman and welcome Kurcoba was held June 28 from 4-7 p.m. “I feel incredibly fortunate to have worked here since the beautiful ‘street level’ building opened its doors in 1987,” Eisman said of the library building on South Decatur Street.

It is understood that the Government could invest public funds in the organisation directly through the Treasury but has chosen to use the private sector instead.

“Following market analysis and a thorough appraisal of a business case, the Department’s preferred option is to create a joint venture partnership to bring in the necessary investment and expertise to the business and give the Company greater operational autonomy,” health minister Philip Dunne said in the statement.

The Library Board of Trustees has hired Sarah Kurcoba of Watkins Glen as the new director.

***** Photo at right: Harry and Anita Lockwood WATKINS GLEN, July 1, 2017 -- Harriet Eisman, who has served as library director at the Watkins Glen Public Library for 30 years, retired from the position, effective June 30.

“I’m very happy that Sarah Kurcoba is taking the helm, as her skills, vision and passion will be a wonderful fit for the library and the community,” Eisman added.

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In a written statement issued on Thursday as most MPs headed back to their constituencies, the Government announced it would sell off a majority stake in the orgnaisation to the private sector with the aim of “creating a profitable business model”.

Labour says the sell-off amounts to further privatisation of a key part of the health service, while the Government claims the private sector will help provide new investment.

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