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Designed as a sporty, fashion-forward vehicle for a demographic that used to be called “Yuppies” back in the 80s, the NX represents Lexus’ latest efforts to attract the kind of young, successful professional buyers that have been buying BMWs and Audis for years. Does this feel like the kind of relationship we could live with more, you know, long term? Almost without exception new cars depreciate quickly, damage your health, and cost you money- even if they’re just sitting still!

It’s also the first new car to be reviewed under my new review format … Once we’ve gotten past the third date, it’s time for us to have some real talk with the car.

Traceability 100% made in Italy Lanecardate is among the few spinners able to control directly its entire supply chain: the greasy wool is purchased directly at source and combed, dyed and spun in Italy.

Origin, traceability and compliance to the standards of Textiles & Health and TF are certified and guaranteed Service Reliability is a value which can be achieved only trough a long history Lanecardate yarns are supported by a well supplied Stock Service.

L'objectif minimum de 5000€ a été atteint, vous êtes Fantastiques !

Pourquoi voyager avec Gilles qui n’a aucun point en commun avec moi, alors que Matthieu, qui fait exactement le même trajet, en a 21 points commun ?

Love for fine quiality We firmly stand for the consumer’s right to know where and how each product has been made, ensuring its healthiness for the benefit of himself and of those who manufactured it, and to protect the natural environment.

On April 1st, 2017, Honda announced the launch of a new in-car dating app that helps drivers find love at the wheel.

The H-Swipe app connects to an innovative digital windscreen and interactive directional windscreen “s-wipers”, and uses geolocation technology to pinpoint the nearest potential dating candidate.

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