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Among the artifacts from the University of Chicago’s Oriental Institute that Willard Libby tested during the radiocarbon dating development process was this wood from an ancient Egyptian coffin.The artifact, more than 2,000 years old, dates to the Egyptian Ptolemaic period.It was while working in the Kent Laboratory building in the 1940s that researchers developed radiocarbon dating—an innovative method to measure the age of organic materials.Scientists soon used the technique on materials ranging from the dung of a giant sloth from a Nevada cave; seaweed and algae from Monte Verde, Chile, the oldest archaeological site in the Western Hemisphere; the Shroud of Turin; and the meteorite that created the Henbury Craters in northern Australia.The heel of the neck and the headstock are pretty standard Stad-O-Lin style. There does not seem to be many electric ones however.

For the second instalment of our dating vintage clothing series, we will discuss the 1940s.Baldwin’s article for the , which shows how times have greatly changed and, remarkably, how some things have remained the same. The Christmas season was an especially popular time for drunken rowdiness at night. These processes were facilitated by the availability of electric power after about 1880, and by the superiority of electric lighting.Somewhat like 20th-century trick-or-treaters, young men in early 19th-century Philadelphia and New York knocked on doors demanding drinks or small gifts. Plays were banned in New England cities, forcing traveling troupes to bill their performances as “moral dialogues.” 3. Better lighting also encouraged additional night work on the docks, and in the manufacturing of textiles and books. A gradual decline in labor hours, slow increases in income, and dwindling moral opposition to commercial entertainment also contributed to the expansion of nightlife.People who left the comfort of their own homes at night could often be found walking into puddles, tripping over uneven terrain, or colliding into posts because virtually no street lighting existed.Urban areas had established curfew times that “were signaled by the ringing of bells, the beating of drums, or the firing of cannons” at an early hour in the evening. With gas lights in commercial districts and professional police forces replacing poorly-trained and unmotivated night watchmen, growing safety was a key factor in encouraging evening street activity.

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Theater audiences used to talk amongst themselves much of the time during performances. Joseph said, ‘Drunks are me best customers.’ ‘I sell more’n me brudder does.’ ‘Dey buy me out so I kin go home.’ He sells every afternoon and night. Electric lighting further encouraged the growth of commercial nightlife.

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