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But Hunter and I were have cheeseburgers and he was there too. I almost called him one time when I was running the Tilt-A-Whirl but all the parents freaked out because I was dialing instead of "paying attention" to their kids. So on the way to the towels I saw these leather pants that were on sale and I remembered C. saying you're so wannabe without the leathers and my judgement said you don't want to be a wannabe and I thought judgement you are so right! J.: I remember in high school, I needed a duffle bag to carry all the cards I got. I may not be much now as a result of some hard and yes questionable living, but back in high school, I was buff, young, and tan. (Bridget kisses him again) Okay, you're being initiated into some club, aren't you?

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Members simply create a profile, browse through the profiles of other members, and then are easily on their way to finding love.

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Right now, there are young professional groups and black professional groups but nothing for our unique demographic.

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Here’s my take: If you’re a reasonably attractive guy in Manhattan, have a decent personality and have your shit together, then you should be able to find someone closer to your age.

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OKCupid match questions consist of: It should be noted that you can skip or mark any questions “Private” if you don’t want anyone to compare answers with you.

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